Private A&R Submission (March 2020):

Nate Austin is a commercial songwriter, music producer and artist. He writes catchy memorable music influenced by pop, rock, hip hop, electronic music. He plays 8 instruments and records and produces his music himself in his studio. He also writes lyrics, melodies, top-lines, arrangement and all aspects related to music composition and writing.

He has toured USA, Europe, Asia and UK as an artist. He released his debut album in 2019 (approx. 35k streams) which has grown his audience globally, and he has also been building up his audience locally in the SE. He hosted the Nate Austin Residency late 2019, a hugely successful ticketed monthly event. He was due to headline the Tunbridge Wells Forum in April, however due to laryngitis suffered in February, this has now had to be postponed until September.

Nate is an ambitious and hard working artist, producer and song writer. He is currently seeking management representation so he can become a global icon and star and continue to bring his message, vision and brand to a global audience on a much larger scale. He also wants to write hits for other artists, and become one of the leading song writers and producers in the industry. He's an artist with a story, a message and a vision. His hope and aim is that his music, personality, brand and message can inspire and help make people's lives better, happier, funnier, and more powerful. You can find a selection of unreleased, live and previous records below:


Phone: 07525753670



Too Trapped: (2020)

An upbeat and current 2020 chart style commercial hit about an over attached and controlling girlfriend. Released 17th April 2020.

I Don't Believe In Ghosts: (2020)

A current and commercial electro/dance pop song. This song was written for my sister and others who has spent time unwell in psychiatric hospitals. This song contains an extremely topical and powerful anti-suicide message. I have a unique, never been tried marketing and merchandising strategy for this song where the story will capture hearts, inspire a nation, and bond my connection with my fans on an even deeper level. It might, hopefully save some lives too.

Wars (2020)

An emotional trap/pop song that drops into a DnB banger.

Sparks: (2020)

An acoustic piano ballad. A beautiful and emotional love song, would be an ideal wedding first dance song.